Joe Biden Is Still Confused About Omicron Coronavirus Variant, Masks, And Lockdown

Joe Biden delivered a brief address to the country today regarding the new Omicron form of the coronavirus. His words boiled down to him continually repeating “get vaccinated and get booster injections,” and he didn’t have much more to say than that. He mispronounced the new system’s name, pronouncing it “Omnicron” instead of “Omicron,” since he was so focused on reading his teleprompter that he didn’t notice.

The same person was caught without a mask in a business in Nantucket in front of a large crowd. Despite his persistent advocacy of masks as the remedy to the pandemic, he’s been seen wearing them on several occasions. Individuals wonder why he has to check notes to conclude that people should wear masks unless eating or conversing.

That could have been a little too much journalism, and Biden might have reacted angrily. They did question if he planned to implement other lockdowns, which the god of science, Dr. Anthony Fauci, declined to rule out in his statements yesterday. “For the time being, lockdowns are off the table,” Biden stated.

If lockdowns aren’t on the table right now, that suggests they haven’t learned anything and aren’t ruling them out in the future. Even though the doctor who discovered it claims the cases are pretty minor, there’s no proof that the Omicron variety offers any additional risk than what currently exists. Lockdowns haven’t worked in the past, but they are confident that they will this time if they truly believe.

He can’t even keep his remarks on track with the story. As he walked away, he forgot about the mask once more, contradicting what he had just spoken. They appear to be preparing for another battle of words, but the public will not stand for it this time.