Joe Biden Isn’t Lying, Dems Are Working “Like Hell” To Pass Spending Bill

Over the weekend, President Joe Biden spoke to a White House press pool about the Democrats’ stark inability to pull themselves together and work as a team within their party and across the aisle, for one purpose that everyone in Washington can set aside their differences over and join hands to support together.

They were stealing trillions and trillions of dollars from the American people under threat of imprisonment for not paying and then doling it out to lobbyists and corporations with massive donor rolls. And to kick them to remind them that they’re down, require the taxpayers to do the legwork of going over the year’s paperwork and calculating how much they “owe” career socialist banker Janet Yellen of their own hard-earned money.

Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, et al. are very frustrated because getting a couple of hundred local biannual popularity contest winners to agree on what to do while going on a multi-trillion dollar shopping spree with other people’s money is apparently like herding cats. Joe Biden told reporters, “Everybody’s frustrated. It’s part of being in government, being frustrated.”

Then he promised to “work like hell” until all several trillion dollars is ultimately, officially, and irrevocably stolen from the American taxpayers from American businesses, households, families, future generations from American churches, charities, and non-profit organizations. 

How’s old sleepy Joe going to do that? He said he’s “going to try to sell what I think the American people will buy.” Then he quickly hedged that he thinks once the American people understand what’s in these radically expansive, punishing tax increase-funded, federal spending bills. They’ll support the government by robbing us blind, even worse than they already have been for the entire last eighteen months of news hysteria hell.

But it was too late to hedge. We all heard what Biden said. He’s going to try to “sell” us what we “will buy.” Joe Biden is scheming to shut us down like a slick used car salesman deploying every shady trick in the book. He’s going to try to seduce us, appeal to our vanity and insecurity, and then hit us with fear and uncertainty to create a false sense of urgency to hand over our money to him and prominent lawyers and big bankers and big business lobbyists.

After the way, Biden broke his promise to Americans and pushed vaccine mandates as an executive order through OSHA regulatory infrastructure, and that’s the kind of stuff they’ll build more of with these spending bills, more yokes to put over our heads and around our necks and against our shoulders, more whips to crack at our backs to comply with their every capricious whim. We know it’s not about what’s best for us but about manipulating and controlling us.

So Mr. Biden is not lying. About this, anyway. He and Democrats are working “like hell.” How does hell work? It lies, it cheats, and it steals. It sows fear, confusion, and resentment. It uses its advantages to hurt others for its gain. It chews up human lives and makes a feast of their destruction. So yeah, they are working like hell on Capitol Hill this month.