Joe Biden “Shamelessly Boasts” About His First Year As President Tanking The US Economy

Are the media this stupid? Not. They are pure evil and maliciously running cover for the most horrible and feeble man to occupy the oval office. Celebrating Joe Biden’s accomplishments is like praising a 2-year-old for eating his food. Let’s be happy he hasn’t burned the place down.

When you compare Joe Biden to Donald Trump, the contrast could not be greater. Biden is a senior career politician who only skillfully smiles and nods like a toddler. Trump was the consummate businessman with warts, faults, and scars to prove it who was driven to save this nation from socialist grifters like Biden. Trump accomplished much of what he set out to do by positively impacting this nation’s trade, removing barriers, or passing the type of legislation that encourages economic expansion.

President Joe Biden has spent more time off in Wilmington, DE, as a percentage of his days and hours on the job than any other president. And that is saying something. The guy is the definition of an empty suit, and rolling him out for a disastrous town hall did not help.

Biden cannot offer a sound strategy to deal with the end of a COVID-19 pandemic that was made worse by government bureaucrats and corporate raiders. Instead, he is encouraging the cultic behavior of a large portion of this nation’s population.

Republicans continue to incriminate the anti-President Biden’s international strategy. He haphazardly executed a roughshod withdrawal from Afghanistan during his first year in office, resulting in massive US soldiers and Afghan civilian casualties. Republican Representative Michael McCaul, serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that after only one year of President Biden’s reign, we have seen the total breakdown of Afghanistan and Taliban taking over our bases with our weapons. Biden is encouraging Russia to take over Ukraine in the biggest attack in Europe since World War II. Tyranny in Latin America is increasing. Iran is proceeding to develop nuclear weapons and demanding funding from terrorist actions.

Republicans continue to criticize the Biden-Harris maladministration’s international strategy. The White House and Democrats can sense the 2022 midterm election may be a landslide response to their utterly heinous assault on American freedom and prosperity. So they have crafted a positive message to put some extra spin on the story.

The one-year mark could not be lower according to nearly every metric: Biden’s job approval is at an all-time low, the economy is tanking with inflation stalking American homes and supply chain problems everywhere, crime is spiking, and lawlessness is promoted. The Biden-Harris maladministration has claimed to lead COVID-19, the economy, infrastructure, and environmental climate change efforts. Democratic National Committee representatives think that success looks like Jobs, Shots, Roads, and Energy. Except all of these promises for the future are ill-conceived and bound to be bungled as these idiots do.

They claimed that a “Record Firsts in Biden’s First Year,” the White House spin room demanded that the press push lies about the Biden-Harris maladministration tending to the environment and building up more government. Democrats always claim record progress for working families even as American families are shattered, disillusioned, hopeless, and poor.

That wizard of spin, Circle Back Jen Psaki, gave a rundown of the main three international strategy accomplishments: the AUKUS submarine agreement, reengaging global partnerships, and restoring American-European partnerships. It is garbage. It is beneath the dignity of the office of President of the United States of America to brag about nonsensical and useless agreements that have no weight when the international order is crumbling before us. Of course, Afghanistan and Russia were missing from Psaki’s rundown.