Joe Biden: The US Should Spend Trillions More To Fight Inflation

Contrary to his statements back in July when President Joe Biden downplayed Inflation as an issue that is just a pop-up for a bit, it will go back down. In a recent statement on Sunday, Biden acknowledged the inflation issue as worrisome but to console the Americans, he presented a solution as well, and what was his answer? More Spending. 

That’s right, Biden said that the Inflation would be cured once the Build Back Better is signed. According to him, it will strengthen the economic opportunities and generate excellent investment for the country. His financial advisor, Brian Deese, had made similar statements to Biden in the past regarding Inflation. Following Biden’s acknowledgment of the rising Inflation, he stated that the people need to look ahead to the Bi-partisan bill to solve the high taxes and gasoline issues. 

In his latest tweet, Biden was bold to say that the economy is in the midst of a historic recovery while the people are faced with very high prices due to disruptions in the supply chain caused by Covid-19. On what basis is Biden saying that the economy is recovering? Since the beginning of his presidency, Biden’s shortsightedness in devising policies has pressed very hard on middle-income families, with a historic rise in Inflation in the past 31 years. 

Although both Biden and Deese have ensured that Build Back Better will provide lower costs for lower-income households and get people back to work, the people are rightfully worried, especially the independent voters, as Biden has repeatedly been unable to deliver what he promised. A massive backlash is being faced by the administration on Twitter as people very openly critique Biden’s solution to cure Inflation with more spending plans.