Joe Biden: What Exactly Went Wrong?

Joe Biden could have disregarded the shallow passions of Twitter and television news and offered the calm, restricted, and capable leadership he promised throughout his low-key campaign. He could have toned back his grandiose objectives if he had realized that his party just had the tiniest of congressional majorities. Instead of being an afterthought, he might have made the bipartisan infrastructure plan a cornerstone of his first year.

Joe Biden may have realized that his sole involvement in combating the Ebola outbreak would be oratory. He may have recognized that illegal immigration is a major source of concern and taken steps to reduce it. He could have focused all of his efforts on reducing inflation after seeing that it was not intended to be “transitory.” More humility, a greater readiness to say “no,” and a better understanding of why he won in the first place would have all helped.

Instead, he proposed the most expensive spending package in American history. He welcomed every ludicrous neologism thrown at him by progressives: “Latinx,” “BIPOC,” “birthing person,” and so on. As a result, he established himself as a world-historical figure.

According to Axios, President Joe Biden investigates the “elasticity of presidential authority” and demonstrates a genuine “desire to be one of the most important presidents” in American history. When informed he may be the next FDR, the proper answer would have been to laugh the speaker out of the Oval Office. Instead, Biden answered pleasantly, “Tell me more.”

Joe Biden is unpopular and a joke after eleven months in government. He claimed to be moderate, yet his popularity among independents has dropped by two or three to one. Biden has continued the bipartisan attack on the Constitution by the executive branch. He turned on the chance to relegate the president to a lesser status in American politics.

Joe Biden has consistently shattered the weave that brought him to the White House, and as a result, his presidency has failed. He could have turned his unlikely ascension into a gold basket if he had made better decisions. He’ll only have a few months next year to change his direction.