Joe Biden’s “Lack Of Discernment” Is A Danger To Us All

If Joe Biden and Democrats had their way, they’d be able to con the nation into believing that we’re void of voting rights.

In real-time, Democrats in Washington DC are attempting to pass legislation that would completely overhaul elections in the United States. This overhaul would come in the forms of banning voter ID requirements, forcing American taxpayers to pad the bank accounts of leftist campaigns, etc.

Meanwhile, Democrats are gaslighting the nation and screaming that anyone who opposes this is the enemy of democracy and voting rights. On Tuesday, Biden went to Georgia to promote these bills. However, as the National Review points out, this didn’t turn out so well.

On Tuesday, Biden’s time in the Peach State was centered around the narrative that America will be in grave peril if Democrats’ elections takeover bills don’t pass. In actuality, however, Democrats are terrified of losing the midterm elections.

Ultimately, the left knows they have angered many people with poor policies and poorly thought out decisions. Therefore, the only ways Democrats know to fix their party’s problems entail cheating and opening up our country’s elections to mass rigging and fraud.

During Biden’s time in Georgia, his pitch didn’t go so well even amongst his base. For one thing, Georgia Democrat and gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams didn’t even bother to attend his speech.

Secondly, other Georgia Democrats gave Biden the cold shoulder on Friday. Georgia Democrats noted their opposition to “photo-ops” and stated they want to see bills passed immediately, rather than Biden touring the nation to talk.

With this type of sentiment coming from his party, this only further shows that the midterms will not be pretty for Democrats.

One of Biden’s most apparent signs of lack of discernment is his advocacy to do away with the filibuster. There are 50 GOP senators and at least two Senate Democrats who oppose the takedown of the filibuster. However, both of the latter face pressure to vote against the filibuster.

Democrats will have a clear path to pass whatever policies they want, regardless of the disastrous consequences if the filibuster falls. Biden’s absence of discernment on this matter is ultimately rooted in his power-hungry drive for more control.

Like the rest of the Democrats, Biden doesn’t care about the long-term impacts of what he is pushing for. For this reason, Republicans must win enough seats in November, so the GOP has a comfortable majority that is enough to stop this administration in its tracks.