Joe Manchin Responds to Pushback Against the Inflation Reduction Act

In real-time, Congress is in the middle of passing the Inflation Reduction Act. Because Democrats control both congressional chambers and have united behind this bill, it’s only a matter of time before it gets Joe Biden’s signature and becomes law.

Meanwhile, Americans are objecting to the Inflation Reduction Act at every turn. Because of all the taxation and federal spending this legislation will force through, everyday expenses for people are going to increase.

That comes on top of funding that goes towards beefing up the IRS with tens of thousands of new agents.

However, one Democrat is now pushing back against IRS-related backlash toward the Inflation Reduction Act. During Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) recent interview with MetroNews in West Virginia, he defended the boost to the IRS.

Manchin’s on the Inflation Reduction Act and the IRS
The West Virginia lawmaker claims that as the IRS gets extra funding and new employees, it’s not going to be focusing on middle Americans or small businesses.

Manchin insisted only “complicated” businesses which authorities have struggled to pursue will get newfound attention from the IRS.

Manchin also argued that no one earning less than $400,000 per year needs to worry about the IRS coming after them.

However, many people have pointed out the IRS’ longstanding history of going after conservatives. During the Obama years, Americans experienced this firsthand.

At one point, Manchin even claimed that any small business or middle-class American who feels unfairly targeted by the IRS should personally call his office.

The West Virginia Democrat then concluded his defense of the Inflation Reduction Act by claiming “nothing” is going to shift for the everyday individual.

An Unreliable Narrator?
Despite Manchin’s claims this week, many Americans are taking what he says with a grain of salt.

After all, just weeks ago, Manchin was railing against the government spending money in the middle of an inflation crisis. Yet, in the same breath, Manchin is now backing the Inflation Reduction Act that comes with heavy federal spending.

Many Republican lawmakers who previously maintained amicable relationships with Manchin have criticized him for backing this spending bill. The GOP also warns that Democrats aren’t being honest about the true purpose of puffing up the IRS with over 80,000 new agents.