Joe Must Drill And Build If We Are Willing To Stop Vladimir Putin

Joe Biden, the inept anti-President presiding over the nadir of the American empire, seems to think that he can bumble Vladimir Putin into submission. Putin is unafraid of Uncle Joe and his US military command. He also appears unimpressed with the sanction regime imposed on himself and his fellow citizens. One must assume that these are considered acceptable losses, sacrifices of lesser pieces in an opening series of moves.

Hostility from some Republicans and many Democrats indicates that they seem to think that America ought to answer Putin militarily and possibly with a decapitation attack. Sadly people like Lindsey Graham think that soliciting contract assassinations by Russians via tweet is okay. When dealing with immense nuclear powers, regime change is not a tiny thing tossed around casually. Blinken knows that taking out Putin is more complicated than simply stalling the Russian forces. Russia remains a capable adversary and treating them otherwise would severely underestimate these war hawks.

Assisting Ukraine, on the other hand, may seem like an ethical duty because of agreements made to protect this eastern European nation. Tucker Carlson contends that we should not support Ukrainian forces or impose a no-fly zone to avoid a much broader and devastating conflict. And SNL makes fun of Fox News for being anti-war.

Conservatives should consider valid arguments for military action on either side of this exceptionally confounded issue between Russia and Ukraine. And we must surmise whom the animosity helps most both abroad and within the US.

Most Russian tank groups, infantry and jets have been destroyed or killed by US-backed NATO rockets. Putin has been goaded into this war in his psychopathic mind and he will seek revenge on the US. Putin must already be excessively furious enough to kick the hornets’ nest, and we are in the position of waiting to see how far he will go. Those who believe that World War III is on the table side with Senator Grahamnesty favoring finding ways to remove Putin without putting out a hit on Vlad.

Instead, killing Nord Stream 2 and reviving Keystone XL is the most logical first step in the process of putting pressure on Putin. Anyone who hesitates to do so shows a complete lack of strategic foresight and integrity. Biden supports Venezuela and Saudi oil imports to indicate which business interests are pulling his strings. The US must resume acting as a net exporter of gas and petroleum to European nations beholden to Russian oil. It will hurt Putin and the Saudis, push the Iranians, leading Venezuela toward much-needed reforms and overhaul their government to incentivize their future production.

Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s intrepid president and forces of men, women, children and boxers remain in the battle. This war may not be as fast and straightforward for Putin and his bogged down Russian troops sporting soviet era flags and markings.

If Biden gets his head out of the sand (like Canadian shale oil), he will support drilling and nuclear power production here and abroad. With oil production increasing according to rapid approvals and deployment, the cost of oil will be driven down and the price of gas at the pump will quickly follow as it anticipates future supply. Americans and European economies will benefit from greater energy independence.

Oil and natural gas from Pennsylvania, Texas or North Dakota is better than Russian or Iranian oil and gas. It requires much fewer transportation costs and CO2 offsets, even from an environmental impact standpoint. Solar and wind are supplemental power sources at best and will not become a primary driver of energy for decades. Electric vehicles consume oil and coal-generated power and until nuclear power is cheaper and more abundant, we will remain beholden to Russian oligarchs and dictators.