Joe Rogan Comments On Doocy-Jean-Pierre War Of Words Over Election Integrity

On his Tuesday podcast, Joe Rogan shared his thoughts on the squabble between Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy and WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre’s answer to Doocy’s questions regarding previous tweets she made about the 2016 election results were described as “hilarious” by the world renowned host.

In the exchange, Doocy probed Jean-Pierre on why she has yet to label herself an extremist for claiming the 2016 election “stolen.”

“So let’s be really clear. That comparison that you made is just ridiculous,” she responded after Doocy noted the similarities between her 2016 Tweet and the popular belief that Joe Biden’s 2020 victory was illegitimate.

It’s important to note Karine-Jean-Pierre failed to clarify exactly what made Doocy’s comparison “ridiculous.”

Speaking with two stand-up comedians on his famed “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan didn’t hold back on Biden’s struggling propagandist.

“Did you ever see her confronted on it?”, inquired Rogan. “You gotta see this. It’s hilarious. Cause that guy Peter Doocy from Fox News, who always asks the best questions. Like, if you want that show to be entertaining, you want that guy to ask questions, because he always catches them.”

The Biden Administration has left many questions unanswered. Peter Doocy is great to watch on television because he’s the only journalist in the White House Press Briefing Room willing to ask them.

“And so he brings up a tweet of hers from 2016, where she says the election is stolen while she’s talking about how important it is not entertaining any ideas of the 2020 election being stolen,” noted Rogan, pointing out her glaring hypocrisy.

“Saying that question is ridiculous is ridiculous,” he jokingly added.

Rogan then went on the offensive against another common Democrat fallacy, which is to label voter ID as racist, yet demand vaccination cards be required for entry to a dining establishment.

“You don’t need to show ID to vote. But you better have your ID ready and your vax card if you want to eat in a restaurant,” Rogan mocked.

It’s nearly impossible to keep pace with the multitude of delusional, unfactual statements made by Karine Jean-Pierre on a daily basis. She serves as a shining example of how little talent is required to move up the Democratic ladder of success.