Joe Rogan Says ‘He Is Sorry’ That People Are ‘Too Stupid’ To Think For Themselves

Spotify is dealing with Joe Rogan, who has paid millions and contracted to pay millions more. Joe had a wildly successful Podcast and YouTube show where he smokes dope, drinks scotch, smokes cigars, and talks about crazy stuff from psychedelic and entheogenic drug Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) to aliens and politics, and yes COVID-19. He runs the modern version of Coast-to-Coast AM with a more reasonable twist. He’s not the quack, and his guests are not quacks, but sometimes they say quack. And sometimes they speak the truth!

Different personalities have faced similar struggles from getting canceled, censored, and attacked. Online stars and the organizations that give them a stage are targets for a media and population controlled by rage. Facebook and YouTube attempted to take out Alex Jones. Facebook has blacklisted Steve Deace, YouTube canceled Steven Crowder, Twitter zapped Donald Trump before the 2020 election, YouTube has grappled with PewDiePie, Netflix caught heat for allowing Dave Chappelle to say that men and women are real. And the beat goes on.

Will Spotify kill the golden goose or find a way to back their popular talent and even use the controversy to drive more traffic? Joe Rogan is not going anywhere. He moved to Texas as a strategic plan to avoid the wackos in California from storming his studio castle. Rogan was blamed for advancing COVID-19 misinformation on his show when he discussed the truth about the pandemic and solutions to this disease with Robert Malone, a vaccination scientist. The latter invented mRNA technology that Big Pharma is misusing.

Twitter banished Malone for spreading data about COVID-19. Twitter claimed that he was lying, but he was not. It is insanity on parade.

Idiots are demanding that Spotify take action against Rogan because he is advancing lies about COVID-19 when he is one of the few people using his brain and exercising critical thinking to ask the types of questions we demand answers to.

Spotify will post notifications on episodes that discuss COVID-19, and their policy will not allow people who advance hazardous, bogus, or dangerous information about COVID-19. Neil Young and Joni Mitchell washed-up has-beens who probably make $50 a month from Spotify demand that Spotify yank their songs or else. Or else what? Brené Brown, a social worker, turned author, TED talker, internet sensation, vlog host, and leadership guru, decided to take a mental health vacation. She said that she would not deliver new episodes of her Spotify show until further notification. So, these people do not get paid if they do not work. It is simple.

Daniel Ek, the Spotify CEO, said that it is vital that the business is not a content creator, censor, or communist. But Spotify wisely declined to take out Rogan. When SJW attacks, you can apologize and give in if you want to lose everything you have built. Or you can reject them and keep making your content on digital platforms and use the attention to build a bigger audience with legitimate stories.

Rogan reportedly has a $100 million contract with Spotify for “The Joe Rogan Experience.” But he certainly has not earned this total amount yet.

His contract might include the threat of lawsuits and discontinuing his show which would undoubtedly go to arbitration and may end up in court if Spotify decided to shut his showdown because he is letting scientists tell the truth. Rogan is serving his audience, as opposed to Anthony Fauci, who does nothing but flip-flop, lie, and send checks to fund gain of function research from his government-funded office.

YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook benefit from section 230 protection which allows them to hide behind the dual protections of being not a publisher and not a platform. These are contradictory. But no one seems to care, especially Democrats, liberals, and socialists who benefit from government-funded private businesses who act like state-sponsored social media and online content censors the same way that the Chinese Community Party’s firewall and social credit score system is controlling the information for the people of China.