Journalist Accuses Human Rights Activist Of Working For Cartel

Journalist Carlos Dominguez, son of murdered Mexican journalist Carlos Domínguez Rodriguez, has publicly accused a well-known human rights activist in Nuevo Laredo of using his organization to defend cartel members.

Supposed human rights activist Raymundo Ramos, who works in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, is being accused of working for the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas (CDN-Los Zetas). According to Dominguez, Ramos constantly accuses the police and military of human rights abuses after shootouts with cartel members.

During a press conference from Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador earlier this week, Dominguez questioned the president about Ramos.

After playing a recording of Ramos allegedly speaking with a cartel lieutenant, the journalist asked: “What can your government do to keep this charlatan from profiting under the flag of human rights? When in reality he does not defend the human rights of anyone, he only defends the interests of a cartel.”

Dominguez’s accusations come soon after Ramos once again stood up for the cartel. The so-called “human rights activist” condemned a group of Mexican soldiers for the alleged killing of five men in Nuevo Laredo.

While Ramos claimed that the soldiers shot the men without provocation, and asserted that they were unarmed, his claims do not line up with information from a prepared statement from Mexico’s Army.

According to the statement, the soldiers said that they had tried to stop a white pickup without license plates, but the driver sped away. Soldiers then pursued the vehicle. Hearing loud noises, the soldiers believed that they had been shot at — and thus they shot back. The military statement does not specify if the men were unarmed and does not mention whether weapons were seized.

Following the press conference, Dominguez shared several images on social media that allegedly showed the victims of the shooting wearing tactical gear with cartel logos and carrying weapons. In his tweet, Dominguez asserted that Ramos was once again defending the CDN-Los Zetas as part of a strategy in which he attacks the police force or military for supposed human rights abuses following shootouts with cartel members.