Joy Reid Could Not Be Reached For Comment On This Jon Gruden Email Op-ed

On Monday, cancel culture claimed another victim. The New York Times, Huffington Post, VICE, the WaPo, and all these other center-left corporate “news” rags that are the epitome of fake news sensationalism that panders to whatever tickles people to click, just disguised as real news aggressively try to ruin people’s lives with cancel culture.

Their rationalization is policing society for bigotry to make the world a more welcoming place for marginalized groups. But we all see how double-minded corporate journalists are about their standards for polite discourse.

They seldom hold Democratic career politicians or journalists to account for the same “sins” they dig up from years or decades past to excoriate their targets. MSNBC talking head Joy Reid made public comments, not private ones, in an email, publicly blogged remarks about gays that are far more insulting and stigmatizing than what Gruden wrote. She still works for MSNBC.

And the dirty laundry they always go looking for to hold up to the world with feigned gasps of horror and practiced tongue clicks of sanctimony are almost invariably something very minor, harmless, and something that every human being on planet earth has said something like to one of their friends in an email or text or other private conversation in the past year.

The real reason the New York Times staff writes up tabloid crap like the “bombshell” Jon Gruden email leak this Monday is to pander to the base of incredibly morally and mentally degenerate and deeply resentful losers that make up most of their audience.

When they can pass off an email from one grown adult to another with some bad words in it as some kind of shocking, consequential journalism about some terrible misdeed, and they draw blood, ruining their victim’s life, their very nasty, very idiotic readers love it. 

The Eagles’ (music, not football) Don Henley had their number decades ago. They make their living off the evening news. “People love it when you lose. They love dirty laundry.” Kick them when they’re up. Kick them when they’re down, right? Kick up when they’re up. Kick them all around.

What makes these culture warriors all the more despicable is that they pass themselves off as virtuous and defenders of the marginalized. Still, the truth is that they are just some of the most out-of-control, terribly vicious bullies in the United States today. They are drunk on their power to crush successful people doing good work in their fields and run them into the ground for not being complete, 100% perfect in all they ever said or did. 

That’s not even the worst of it. Every one of cancel culture’s victims’ unforgivable “sin” is invariably not saying and doing only things that could never appear incorrect when taken out of context and delivered to a different audience in a different context than the intended recipient of those remarks.

These people are devils and mercenary devils at that. They are harsh and vicious and completely unreasonable accusers and damners of good people. For money and respect, they lay snares in the pages of the New York Times to trap people and hurt them.