Judge Stops Biden Administration from Ending Title 42

The Biden administration has done an excellent job of ignoring the border. In April, the Border Patrol recorded over 230,000 contacts. Those are only the people we know about. There has been some lip service paid to the crisis, namely appointing Vice President Kamala Harris to tackle the problem. Harris promptly ignored the border and her office leaked that she was not happy about having the task in her portfolio of responsibilities. To date, nothing of serious impact has been done to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

That is not to say that the administration is not acting. Inexplicably President Biden announced that he was going to retract Title 42 on May 23 of this year. Title 42 is a Trump-era rule that was put in place because of the Covid pandemic, and it allowed for expedited deportation of migrants coming from nations with communicable diseases. Retracting it would result in an even greater influx of migrants across the border.

Twenty-four states sued the federal government to stop the Biden administration from ending Rule 42. Last week, a federal judge agreed with them.

As the immigration crisis continues to get worse under the Biden administration’s open borders policies, Americans are facing high rates of drugs and crime that are stemming directly from the southern border.

And with COVID-19 still being dealt with throughout the world, and emerging illnesses like Monkey Pox spreading from country to country — with cases now in the U.S., it would be incredibly foolish to remove an important tool from law enforcement seeking to defend our borders from invasion.

The economy is predicted to decline, with food shortages and further issues with energy predicted, yet the federal bureaucracy allows millions of immigrants from unknown origins into the country without any explanation about how they will be fed during a food crisis or housed during a housing shortage.

As scarcity increases and the government inevitably begins pushing pandemic restrictions on citizens again, it is hard to see how millions more mouths to feed will benefit the American people during a time when uncertainty abounds.