Kamala Explains ‘High-Speed Internet’ As If No One Has Ever Used The Web

Vice President Kamala Harris announced the Affordable Connectivity Program this week, which will help 10 million households gain access to high-speed internet.

Indeed, the program aims are worthwhile, but we are not sure if Kamala Harris is the best spokesperson for the job because it seems like she thinks everyone got online yesterday. “Many workers use the internet to do their jobs virtually” is an actual quote from the 35-minute presentation that you can find here (There is no reason to watch it unless you also did not know that students access their textbooks online well).

As Kamala likes to call the “interweb,” she was not impressed.

It’s also worth noting that someone felt attaching her to this job was a good idea. If you watch the video, some participants are dumbfounded it was her and not some lower-level bureaucrat. If Kamala were at all self-aware, which she is not, she would be questioning her life choices like a Shakespearean actor who finds herself doing Chuck E. Cheese commercials and failing badly at it.

Everyone seems to memory-hole this fact, but Kamala was tasked with fixing the border at the beginning of the Administration. She has been relegated to making sure the Biden donors all have high-speed internet working properly at their houses. Given her dismal polling numbers, no one knows what to do with the Vice President now.

As of February 8, 2022, only 39 percent of voters have a favorable view of her. To put this in perspective, her numbers are historically bad.

Someone in the Administration thought they could start the reputation rebuild project by putting it out there with a softball appearance like this. Unfortunately, Kamala proves that she is the best impeachment insurance President Biden could ever hope for.