Kamala Harris Appeared To Be “Caught Off-Guard” When Asked About Her Biggest Achievement

When asked what her most significant accomplishment has been thus far, Kamala Harris appeared caught off guard. Harris is perhaps the worst vice president ever. She failed miserably as “border czar.” So she’s prolonging a personal feud with the Biden’s by leaking unflattering facts to CNN and the NYT Axing crucial Democratic senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, both of whom have pivotal votes on 50-50 issues, has doomed Biden’s plan. Recent polls show Harris as one of the least popular vice presidents. Several members of her close entourage have left in her first year.

On the other hand, due to her poor showing in South Carolina, she has requested a coronation from the Biden White House as the Democratic presidential candidate in 2024. Kamala Harris’s vice presidency was a flop. “Face the Nation’s” Margaret Brennan recently asked Harris to list her top government accomplishments. On the same page: VP Harris’ most tremendous success is influencing youth. A NASA ad with kid actors made Harris appear more personable.

If Americans were expected to discover any “accomplishments” in that “wide-ranging” answer, they would be disappointed. And to think, this is the same vice president who has previously spoken to the press about her displeasure with her work in the White House.

Moreover, she is entirely ineffective. Americans are all aware of how far she has come in her professional career. Her response provides people with all of the information they require. Therefore, Kamala Harris is the most incompetent Vice President in American history. There have been no accomplishments.