Kamala Harris is Ready to Neuter the Senate Filibuster

Since Joe Biden got into office and Democrats took control of Congress, there’s been a lot of talk about the Senate filibuster.

The filibuster is designed to give the minority party a voice in the Senate. However, Democrats are now railing against it. According to the left, the filibuster is a racist element with ties to the Jim Crow era.

However, what Democrats are now saying about the filibuster doesn’t hold up. When Republicans controlled Congress during the Trump administration, Democrats repeatedly used the filibuster to block right-wing reforms from passing into law.

Now that the filibuster no longer works to Democrats’ advantage as the majority party in Congress, they’re more than eager to toss it to the wayside. Vice President Kamala Harris recently confirmed as much.

What to Know About Harris’ Comments on the Senate Filibuster
While speaking before the Democratic National Committee over the weekend, the vice president expressed her interest in voting to demolish the Senate filibuster. Harris specifically stated the purpose of its removal would be to pass bills pertaining to elections and abortion.

Naturally, Harris also predicted that her party will keep the House, the Senate, and even expand their majorities. This comes in spite of polling showing the House as likely to go to Republicans in November, while the Senate is widely regarded as a toss-up.

Thus far, only 48 of 50 Democratic senators have supported ending the filibuster. Without the key votes of Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV), Harris won’t be able to cast a tiebreaking vote to remove the filibuster.

Months ago, however, Joe Biden compared pro-filibuster lawmakers to segregationist senators of the past. This, of course, comes amid sporadic speeches from the president talking about the need to unify the country.

Political Posturing of the Worst Kind
If Democrats truly believed their current anti-filibuster talking points, they wouldn’t have used this measure so many times when it suited their ends. In 2020 alone, Democrats used the filibuster more than 300 times.

Americans can rest assured that if Republicans were the majority party in Congress today, Democrats wouldn’t be calling to remove the filibuster. In fact, Harris, Biden, and other left-wingers would be demanding Democratic lawmakers use the filibuster to stop Republican agendas.