Kari Lake Files Lawsuit, Says Election Was Run With ‘Malicious Intent’

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has announced that she is filing a lawsuit and is demanding answers from Maricopa County regarding the disastrous handling of their midterm election.

During a Wednesday appearance on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show,” the conservative firebrand said that the “shoddy” handling of ballot counting in Arizona “requires that we take action.”

“We have learned that the 2022 election, which was a couple of weeks ago, was run so poorly, so shoddy, and there was most likely malicious intent in the way this was run,” Lake continued.

“We cannot allow an election like this to stand,” she added.

Lake, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, went on to describe the numerous issues that occurred during the November 8 elections in her state — characterizing them as “outrageous.”

“What they did on Election Day to punish Election Day voters is outrageous, and we’ve learned that 85% of those working the polls that day said they’re not at all confident in the election, in the way it was run,” Lake said. “There were three-hour lines, 62% of the equipment and the polling places was in-operational or not fully functioning.”

“They knew that on Election Day, that’s when our voters were showing up and they intentionally, in my belief, threw a wrench into the machinery to make sure that would be a day of disaster when it comes to elections,” she added.

Earlier this week, CNN’s Scott Jennings attacked Lake — giving her some unsolicited advice about her claims of irregularities in Arizona’s elections.

“My view is, if you have something, go to court,” Jennings said. “If you don’t, shut up. We had an election – the winners won, the losers conceded. Most places this worked out. I think it’s unfortunate for the people who are out there trying to do their duty and count the votes, and I hope they’re safe, but broadly, this went okay.”

“In Arizona, we have an issue, and I think people should respect the results of elections,” he added.

Left-wing news outlets, such as the National Review, have reported that Lake lost her race and refuses to concede to her opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs — who is currently Arizona’s secretary of state.

Reacting to Jennings’ remarks, Lake said, “We’re going to take his advice.”

“We’re taking it to court, and it’s going to be a doozy of a case and that guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” she added.

“We have a case that we’re putting together that I believe is going to be shocking,” Lake continued. “We have whistleblowers coming forward. We have inside information about how this was run, what was going on behind the scenes. What they did to our sacred vote is unforgivable.”