Kari Lake Roasts Her ‘Racist’ Opponent Hobbs During Trump Rally

On Sunday, Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake (R) took to the podium in Mesa during a rally with former President Donald Trump to insist that citizens oust her “racist” and “incompetent” opponent, Katie Hobbs (D).

Along with Lake and Trump, the rally also featured Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters (R-AZ).

Lake took the opportunity to blast her opponent Hobbs for ineptly representing the people of Arizona. She also criticized her for refusing to agree to a debate.

“Have you heard she’s refusing to do debates?” Hobbs asked. “Not gonna do debates.”

She then turned to someone in the crowd before speaking into the microphone again.

“Somebody just said, ‘Coward,’” Lake said. “Okay, I didn’t say it, you did, but I agree with you, alright?”

Lake repeatedly brought up a past discrimination case against Hobbs. In the lawsuit, a Black female staffer prevailed in two jury trials against Hobbs, with the court finding that Hobbs discriminated against the staffer and ultimately fired her when the woman brought up that she was not being paid equally to others.

In response, the crowd began to chant, “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

Lake interrupted, saying that it would suffice to vote her from office.

“They’re saying lock her up,” Lake said. “I think we should just vote her out, how’s that?”

The crowd then transitioned to a “Vote her out! Vote her out!” chant.

Later, Lake pointed out that Hobbs’ office still had not reopened, citing COVID-19 concerns. Lake urged her to open the office, get back to work, and start doing business for the people of Arizona.

During the 18-minute speech, Lake also laid out her platform for governor. She vowed to curtail the influx of illegal immigration and the fentanyl smuggling that comes with it.

For the first time, Lake announced that she would fight to pass legislation to prevent cities from levying taxes on groceries and rent.

“It is said hard times create strong men; well, they create strong women, too,” she said. “And this woman is ready to put an end to the hard times.”

“Who is ready to step up with me?” she asked the crowd, who responded by chanting her name.