Kinzinger Wants To Send American ‘Sons And Daughters’ To Fight The Russians

Continuing a long tradition of Washington DC politicians sending other people’s children to fight in foreign wars, soon to be retired Rep. Adam Kinzinger tweeted out this nonsense:

He followed up the tweet with a battle cry of “We own the skies.” Mr. Kinzinger is a veteran of the air force, which should be respected. However, it was not against the Russian air force when deployed. It was against third-world countries that could not put a plane in the sky.

Russia has approximately 4,200 aircraft in its air force. Ukraine shares a border with Russia. President Putin’s backyard and fighters have immediate logistical support, unlike any competing air force. The operation would undoubtedly fall to the United States because Europe is wholly unprepared for any conflict.

The other glaring problem for Mr. Kinzinger’s plan is that it assumes that the conflict would remain over the skies of Europe. Once Americans start shooting down Russian jets, what prevents Putin from launching cyber-attacks against the United States and its partners? How soon before the conflict spills over into a neighboring NATO country? What if we launch fighters from a base in Poland that then gets annihilated by a hypersonic missile, and Poland invokes Article 5? By treaty, we are obligated to declare war on Russia. An attack on one is an attack on all.

Has the soon-to-be-gone Congressman forgotten that Russia has nuclear weapons, including the aforementioned hypersonic missiles that we have no defense against? He will not be so gung-ho when missiles start raining down on his constituents in Illinois.

Finally, Mr. Kinzinger fails to spell out in his keyboard tough guy what exactly our interest is in Ukraine that will justify risking the destruction of the United States. He is either serious, which means he is an idiot, or trying to draw attention to himself. Either way, he cannot be gone from Congress soon enough.