Labor Federation Furious Over Leaked Racist Audio

The furor over leaked racist and offensive audio in Los Angeles resulted in rapid turmoil in the LA City Council, but it’s the California Federation of Labor that is running around threatening legal action against everyone involved.

City Council President Nury Martinez resigned her leadership position Monday over the exposed recordings, and Ron Herrera, Cal Labor head, resigned at a meeting of the labor federation’s executive board Monday night.

The recordings made public several comments by Martinez and others about a White council member and his Black child. The division caused by the explosive audio among Los Angeles Democrats is ripping through the nation’s second-largest city.

Calls continue to ring out for Martinez to remove herself from the council entirely.

And now Cal Labor declared its intentions to investigate what it believes to be the illegal taping of private conversations in its offices. Exactly why council members were discussing key redistricting policy at the labor union headquarters is, apparently, another story.

Instead, the federation sent an email to its affiliates Sunday, according to the LA Times, saying there were unlawful recordings of “many private and confidential conversations in private offices and conference rooms.”

The union called the tapings a “serious security and privacy breach.”

Either way, the offensive audio came from an October 2021 meeting at the labor federation’s offices where key council members and union officials discussed Los Angeles’ redistricting procedures.

The message further boasted that the federation was able to get the clips deleted from Reddit and have the anonymous poster suspended from the platform. It reiterated the intention to investigate and “make sure these crimes are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

The ties between labor officials and prominent council members in the city are no secret, but holding key meetings in federation offices is disturbing to many.

When the Supreme Court suffered an egregious leak months ago, leftists dismissed the hunt for the leaker and said the focus should instead be on the information that became public. In this case, however, the union and likely its political cohorts would rather the focus be on the perpetrator.