Latest Kyle Rittenhouse Tweet By Cori Bush Is Senseless And Incredibly Dangerous

Cori Bush manages to tower above the others in pure ineptitude in a House of Representatives full of extreme imbeciles lacking genuine intellectual aptitude. Since gaining power, the self-evident communist has exposed herself with one ridiculous rant after another.

Cori Bush has a long history of saying and writing terrible things. Still, she went on yet another tirade today against Kyle Rittenhouse, the youngster on trial for defending himself during the Kenosha riots. But the question is, wasn’t it once that Cori justified defunding the police by citing all the security she needs for herself? Or when she appeared on CNN to support a con artist while calling for an unlawful eviction moratorium?

Even if this were true, how does it relate to Kyle Rittenhouse’s self-defense killing of three white men? According to video evidence, he was intimidated, pursued, and attacked before firing. On the other hand, Bush is so bloodthirsty that she would imprison an innocent man for the rest of his life to make herself feel better about an event she made up. Think about how heinous that is.

Moreover, during the riots, Laura Bush’s claim about “white supremacists” firing potshots at her drew attention to an event that did not occur in Ferguson. However, a deeper look at the report reveals that the incident in question did not happen in Ferguson and included males who were not white supremacists.

Furthermore, Michelle Bush’s accusation that police in Ferguson, Missouri, “murdered” Michael Brown is an open invitation for people to riot and kill the judge involved. Despite the facts being in his favor, she isn’t even considering the possibility that he may be found not guilty. Instead, she adds, she’s inflaming hatred and portraying this as a racial problem when it isn’t.