Left-Wing Pollster Confirms Democrats Have A Storm Coming

At this point, Democrats seem to deny where they currently stand and their prospects for 2022, especially with the approaching midterm elections.

During a recent Christmas event hosted by the Democratic National Committee, left-wing figures like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden spoke about their perceived outlook on America’s current state of affairs.

Pelosi proclaimed that Biden is “just perfect” before declaring how fortunate America is to be in Biden’s “strong and capable” hands. These remarks are so outlandish, especially in light of current events, that there are online debates about whether or not the House Speaker even truly believes what she said.

Meanwhile, Biden stated his message to Republicans is to “watch out” because Democrats will be winning the midterm elections.

It’s almost as if Democrats have deluded themselves and are living on an entirely different planet; nonetheless, some news from a left-wing pollster may give Democrats a much-needed reality check, per TheBlaze.

According to Schoen Cooperman Research, remarks on what Pelosi and Biden said earlier this month are as untrue as laughable. Douglas Schoen and Carly Cooperman are left-wing pollsters who have terrible news for their party’s leaders.

Their research determined that 53% of American voters do not believe the 46th president has directed appropriate focus on the nation’s most concerning problems.

Meanwhile, 66% say that congressional Democrats and Biden are out of touch with the country, as they have tunnel vision regarding their agendas.

It gets even worse for Democrats, though. Schoen Cooperman Research revealed 65% of Americans believe the president has not bettered the United States as he claimed he would. By contrast, only 31% of Americans believe Biden made the United States better.

Nearly seven in ten voters believe that Biden and the Democrat Party have soft attitudes on crime. It is likewise compounded by 67% of Americans who say the nation is more divided right now than we were 12 months ago.

At this point, the Democrat Party has made it very clear they have no intentions of changing what they’re doing. Whenever Democrats are faced with the statistics and data revealed by Schoen Cooperman Research, they either ignore it or claim the data is faulty.

For this very reason, Democrats should ready themselves for disaster come 2022, especially during the midterms. Growing Americans are sick of Democrats ruining this country and will therefore vote accordingly.