Leftist Protesters Arrested After Storming Florida Capitol

In what apparently is becoming a trend among left-wing agitators, protestors stormed the Florida Capitol Wednesday. The dozens of demonstrators loudly declared that they were unhappy with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ method of governing.

They repeatedly demanded to meet with the Florida governor, even though he was not present. Part of their ire was directed at DeSantis’ popular “Parental Rights in Education” law, which liberals refer to as “Don’t Say Gay.”

An expansion of the original “Parental Rights in Education” law was approved by both the House and Senate while the protesters were gathered outside DeSantis’ office.

Fourteen people were arrested by law enforcement after the much larger group locked arms and blocked the governor’s office for over nine hours.

Officers with the Florida Capitol Police and Florida Highway Patrol warned the throng at 7 p.m. that they must disperse and vacate the area within 20 minutes or they faced arrest. Some took the message to heart and left, but several others locked arms and started singing.

As Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger explained, “once the building closes unless you have an office in the Capitol, you’re not allowed to be here.”

The demonstrators were part of a left-wing organization called the Dream Defenders. The 14 taken into custody were booked into the Leon County Jail on misdemeanor trespass charges. All have since bonded out.

Among bills signed into law so far this year that are opposed by leftists were a prohibition on having minors present at drag shows. The Florida legislature approved new abortion restrictions and measures concerning illegal immigration.

One of the first acts to draw the ire of protesters prohibited teachers and students from being coerced into using pronouns that do not align with biological gender.

Still another banned schools from teaching about gender identity and orientation as well as challenging books with pornographic content from being disbursed through school libraries.

Protesters are targeting DeSantis for a reason — he is effective in striking back against the woke indoctrination that so many want to place on the nation’s children. These leftists were merely grandstanding and looking to be arrested, and they accomplished what they came for.