Liberals Demonstrate Virginia Governor’s Race Instructed Them Completely Nothing

If leftists were intelligent, they would have realized the lesson in their candidate failing to win the governor’s race sends a clear message that something is broken within the Democrat Party. If leftists were paying attention, they’d realize Terry McAuliffe failed to win the election because he stood for everything America has grown sick of. 

In rejecting McAuliffe, Virginians also rejected Biden. Considering Virginia is a state Biden managed to get in his column during the 2020 presidential election, it speaks volumes. 

However, leftists are not intelligent, nor are they paying attention. Instead, they are having their typical temper tantrums and failing to see they are the architects of their misfortune, as TheBlaze points out.

To say the political left isn’t happy about Glenn Youngkin ending McAuliffe’s career. Therefore, leftists are doing what they typically do when things don’t go their way. 

They’re attacking the opposition, calling Youngkin a white supremacist, and failing to get the message. Joy Reid, the MSNBC host, criticized schooling issues, claiming that they came down to white parents who did not want their children to learn about race in America.

Jemele Hill with The Atlantic declares the United States “loves” white supremacy. Hill then went on to say the outcome of the Virginia race didn’t have anything to do with the messaging of the Democrat Party. Again, it speaks to how out of touch and delusions leftists have become in 2021.

The list could go on forever, but the point is apparent. Leftists are lashing out, having temper tantrums on Twitter, and failing to see what’s clearly before them. Ironically, this sort of behavior is why Democrats lost in Virginia, and it’s why they can kiss goodbye in other elections as well.

As many Republicans have pointed out, the GOP’s win in Virginia is merely a starting point. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said it best when he spoke about the red wave currently happening in the United States. 

Unlike the Democrats, DeSantis has the foresight to understand what Virginia’s election outcome was all about. During an interview this week, the Florida governor explained Americans are coming together and rejecting the agenda of the Democrat Party. 

However, it’s very clear from the reactions of leftists that they don’t see this. They also don’t want to see it. Therefore, they are doomed to remain stuck in the same cycle over and over again.