‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Picking Up Across The Country Force

Joe Biden’s lack of popularity and atrocious job in office has given life to Let’s Go, Brandon. Let’s Go Brandon began when a sports interviewer claimed fans chanted “Let’s Go Brandon” in support of NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. In reality, though, these fans were saying “F*** Joe Biden.” 

Let’s Go Brandon has become a meme and a way of expressing displeasure with the current president. It’s even being worn on t-shirts and flown around on flags. The rap song ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ by Bryson Gray is currently #1 on iTunes, beating out pop star singer Adele. 

Now, PJ Media is reporting a dance to go along with Let’s Go, Brandon.

Forgiato Blow has put together a dance called the “Let’s Go Brandon Slide.” A video of the dance and its moves is on YouTube. Thus far, more than 200,000 people have watched the dance for Let’s Go Brandon. 

The lyrics of the dance appear to mirror the famous “Cha Cha Slide” a bit. Likewise, the lyrics are very clearly a diss towards Joe Biden and a way for Americans to have fun, despite the horrific administration in the White House right now. 

Americans who are into Let’s Go Brandon will also be delighted to know there are multiple other versions of the song aside from Gray’s #1. Those, too, can be found within the top ranks of iTunes. 

Many Americans are sick to the death of Joe Biden and using artistic expression to make their views known about this president and the horrors he’s inflicting upon Americans. 

At the rate things are going, Let’s Go Brandon will continue to gain momentum. Thus far, there are songs and a dance dedicated to the phrase, along with flags and t-shirts. Who knows what will come next?

Last month, the White House took heat when a spokesperson declared the body isn’t familiar with Let’s Go Brandon. As many Americans have noted, this was an outright lie. 

There’s no way the Biden administration is clueless about Let’s Go, Brandon, when it’s being shouted at sporting events nationwide and even said by Republican lawmakers as they’re addressing Congress. There’s no way they’re unfamiliar with Let’s Go, Brandon, when a Southwest Airlines pilot made national news saying the phrase while on the intercom.

Quite frankly, the White House doesn’t want to talk about Let’s Go, Brandon, because it highlights Biden’s massive unpopularity across the country. Nevertheless, many Americans are ready for Biden to exit stage left, and the massive growth of Let’s Go Brandon is living proof.