LGBT Club At Yeshiva University To Remain Unrecognized While Suit Continues

Yeshiva University, a modern Orthodox Jewish school in New York, has suspended all formal student organizations after a state court ruled in favor of the YU Pride Alliance.

The new LGBT club took the university to court after being denied official recognition. A New York judge ruled that the university is not a religious institution and must recognize the organization.

The U.S. Supreme Court then denied the school’s emergency request to overturn the state court ruling that the New York college must officially recognize the LGBT group.

In a 5-4 ruling, the high court said Yeshiva must first go through the state court system. The majority said the university has “at least two further avenues for expedited or interim state court relief.”

YU Pride Alliance attorney Katie Rosenfeld issued a statement saying the school’s action is a “shameful tactic” and expressing hope that Yeshiva students will “stand together in community.”

In its request, school officials asserted their belief that in its function as a deeply religious Jewish university, YU cannot comply with the order to recognize the LGBT organization. Doing so, they said, would be in violation of their beliefs on how to form “undergraduate students in Torah values.”

Now the YU Pride Alliance and all other student groups are officially unrecognized by the university. The alliance tweeted that they agree to the temporary stay, calling it a “painful and difficult decision.”

The group said they will wait while the case moves through New York courts due to their wish not to punish other student groups while the school “circumvents its responsibilities.”

Yeshiva University released a statement saying that even the YU Pride Alliance agreed that the school should be allowed to carry on without violating its religious beliefs while it conducts its appeals.

The school said they are starting clubs after the Jewish Holidays when students return to campus. Communications Director Hanan Eisenman said that since Pride Alliance has offered a stay, their lawyers have been sent a signed agreement to stay the court order.