Liberals are Having Meltdowns Over Elon Musk Potentially Buying Twitter, Comparing Him to Adolf Hitler and Supervillains

The left is absolutely melting down over the idea of Elon Musk potentially owning Twitter, even going so far as to compare him to Adolf Hitler and comic book supervillains.

Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, made an offer to buy the social media platform for nearly $42 billion, announcing his bid on April 14.

At the time, Musk was already the largest shareholder of Twitter, and had been vocal about his desire to fix the platform, especially its serious censorship problem.

Of course, the left did not take too kindly to that idea. The possibility that free speech would be promoted on the platform seemed to cause many blue-check leftists to suffer complete meltdowns. Whether it was because they were afraid of “hate speech,” or because they secretly realized that their ideas and narratives cannot stand up when subjected to legitimate debate and scrutiny, the left immediately jumped to condemn the possibility of Musk taking over Twitter and making changes.

While some of them at least tried to make legitimate-sounding arguments against the purchase, a significant majority of the left simply shrieked and claimed that the potential purchase would end democracy and start World War III. Some went even further, comparing Musk’s actions to the rise of Hitler and comic book supervillains.

“Today on Twitter feels like the last evening in a Berlin nightclub at the twilight of Weimar Germany,” Journalist Jeff Jarvis tweeted.

“I am frightened by the impact on society and politics if Elon Musk acquires Twitter. He seems to believe that on social media anything goes. For democracy to survive, we need more content moderation, not less,” wrote Washington Post columnist Max Boot.

“The world’s richest man — someone who used to be compared to Marvel’s Iron Man — is increasingly behaving like a movie supervillain, commanding seemingly unlimited resources with which to finance his mischief-making,” tweeted the news outlet Axios.

“I don’t know. Maybe a society where billionaires have enough money lying around to start space programs and control communication while people starve and ration their medicine isn’t the best system,” said political analyst Jared Yates Sexton.

“I’m not *really* worried about the racist white man buying this dumb platform because all the racist white man wants to do with it is make it easier for his friends to be racist. Which, like, they already are, all the time. And I make fun of them and they block me so whatever. Besides, if they make it too bad Black people will just leave to some other platform owned by white people who have access to venture capital. And we will make the culture there. And whites will follow us because racists are boring and unimaginative,” tweeted correspondent Elie Mystal.

“If Elon Musk allows Trump back on Twitter, it will be a death blow to the free world. Trump’s Big Lie will spread like a virus. I discussed the danger of Trump’s Big Lie for @Salon. Like Hitler’s Big Lie, it must not be normalized, lest fascism return,” said Matthew Rozsa, a writer for Salon.

“If Elon Musk successfully purchases Twitter, it could result in World War 3 and the destruction of our planet,” tweeted journalist David Leavitt.

“Elon Musk launching a hostile takeover bid for Twitter is giving Lex Luthor buying the Daily Planet vibes,” said researcher Ahmed Ali.

Of course, the left hasn’t kept up this same energy for other wealthy elites owning influential companies, probably because it wasn’t useful for their narrative.

Rebel News journalist Ezra Levant pointed out in a tweet that wealthy individuals own some of the most influential media outlets.

“I’m excited to hear objections to Elon Musk buying Twitter from: @nytimes (owned by Carlos Slim, Mexico’s richest man) @washingtonpost (owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos) @TheAtlantic (owned by Steve Jobs’ widow) @globeandmail (owned by Canada’s richest man) Etc,” he wrote.

The King’s College professor and Acton Institute Research Fellow Dr. Anthony Bradley shared a graphic making a similar point about the elites buying media outlets.