Library Cancels Moms For Liberty Event Featuring Kirk Cameron

An Alabama library was in the enviable position of preparing to host a popular and wholesome event that would draw local residents into the facility. Isn’t that the goal of every library — to have people pass through its doors and enjoy what it has to offer?

Apparently not for the Madison Public Library. The event in question was a book reading featuring actor Kirk Cameron hosted by Moms for Liberty.

And in typical leftist fashion, the Alabama event was canceled.

The Huntsville-Madison County Public Library press release cited capacity concerns for the cancellation. Of course, the location could not tolerate the horror of having a public interest in book reading drawing conservatives into the building.

The release cited organizers initially predicting 20 attendees would show up for the Aug. 5 gathering. “On Tuesday, the library learned that event organizers are now expecting over 300 people, a number that far exceeds any meeting room.”

The library said it discussed the situation with the Madison City Police Department and Fire Department. Their conclusion was that it should “be held at an alternate location.”

Interestingly, the First Liberty Institute cited fears by the library association’s executive director, Cindy Hewitt, of “security” issues. She allegedly canceled the event in part due to a possible protest of Cameron’s presence.

Since when are First Amendment rights canceled over the possibility that someone might be offended? Would the library have the same reaction if conservatives objected to a drag queen story hour?

The library, perhaps anticipating pushback over the cancellation of the popular event, addressed that concern in its press release. “The City of Madison applies permitting regulations for outside events equally to all groups and organizations.”

Another guest due to appear at the now-canceled event was women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines.

Local officials said Moms for Liberty did not apply for a permit in advance. Therefore it was decided that the city could not support such a gathering on “short notice.” Organizers are threatening legal action against the city over the abrupt cancellation.

Moms for Liberty advocates for parents against school systems with radical leftist agendas. Recently the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the grassroots organization “extremist.”