Like It Took Over The Local Voting Offices, Facebook Has Now Taken Over The Local News

The left, led by Mark Zuckerberg, is conspiring with activists to take over local newsrooms throughout the country, similar to how the Facebook founder took over elections offices to help Democrats win the 2020 election. Report for America is the name of the multimillion-dollar program (RFA).

We get news that is changing because of social media tech platforms like Zuckerberg’s and cellphones. Local newspapers’ ad sales have plummeted. There were layoffs as a result. Reporters got tired of juggling numerous masters, such as editors, local readers, and time-consuming social media duties. Would their clout make local news more reliable or more reliant? The solution is obvious.

According to Sean Hannity, mainstream journalism is rife with Leftist activists who present news from their point of view, without impartiality, and with a predetermined result or outcome in mind. These are the types of reporters churned out by the country’s journalism schools, and they’re what RFA is searching for.

Big Tech has been paying newsrooms to recruit green reporters since 2018, as part of a strategy to flood America’s small-town newspaper with “volunteer” “corps members” conducting “service” work to create “underreported” stories. Like Bill Clinton’s national service program, Teach for America, and the Food Corps Food Police program in Portland, Oregon schools. Big tech is now doubling down on it all by putting like-minded kids in local periodicals.

The McClatchy media company has 31 RFA “corps members” working on 21 different beats, which read like a Leftist activist’s dream portfolio. It’s unclear why it’s separating itself and its influential newspapers from the activist organization. Still, insiders believe it has something to do with an op-ed penned by one of the co-founders concerning hedge fund ownership of newspapers.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon has absorbed, stolen, filtered, and dispersed the world’s written news, then censored it on his platforms. The Everett Herald, for example, is of little interest to Big Tech millionaires unless it can steer material through their fledglings. As a result, Americans now have access to more news than ever before, whether restricted or not.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter already filter content on their sites. Soon, they’ll do so locally as well. Big Tech has already joined the ludicrously Orwellian-sounding “Trusted News Initiative,” an information cartel that is the reason why most people are unaware that the antiviral medicine ivermectin is not horse paste when taken in humans. They’ll publish that viewpoint in local publications as well, and Jeb at the bait and tackle store and Jimmy at the garage won’t be able to see their opinions or news until they’re awake.

As they were dubbed, Zuck Bucks were primarily utilized in swing states in the run-up to the 2020 election to persuade state secretaries of state and municipal politicians to amend their election regulations. Report for America claims that it does not want reporters to engage in “advocacy journalism” but rather “build a movement.”