Liz Cheney’s New Hampshire Visit Triggers Fresh Rifts In The GOP

Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney is not a favorite of most Republicans these days. Back in January, Cheney was one of ten House Republicans to vote for President Trump’s impeachment after the events of January 6. 

Months afterward, the Wyoming congresswoman would lose her spot as one of the House Republican leaders due to her frequent swipes against Trump. House Republicans ultimately felt that Cheney was more focused on bashing the 45th president than on the future of the GOP. 

However, none of this has stopped Cheney from speaking out. The congresswoman is currently in the middle of a re-election campaign ahead of 2022. As Fox News points out, some recent statements from Cheney have led to new rifts within the GOP. 

While campaigning in New Hampshire, Cheney spoke about the dangers of placing party politics over truth and “enabling” Donald Trump. The House Republican then declared no “grey area” or “middle ground” exists in this regard. 

By her admission on multiple occasions, Cheney believes it is in the Republican Party’s best interests to reject Trump altogether. As it turns out, the congresswoman’s remarks in New Hampshire led to CNN questioning whether or not Cheney stood a chance in the 2024 presidential election. 

To this end, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz stepped in, stating Cheney’s only chance as a 2024 presidential candidate would be in the Democratic Party’s primary. Cheney later shot back on Twitter, accusing Cruz of pandering for the “secessionist” vote. 

The congresswoman followed this up by declaring the GOP was a savior of the union before telling Cruz to behave in a way that’s in keeping with the oath he swore to the Constitution. 

For starters, Liz Cheney has not announced any intentions of planning to run for the White House. However, if she did, it would not go over well. 

The Wyoming congresswoman has alienated numerous factions of the GOP with the stance and disposition she’s taken towards Trump. Despite getting support from former President George W. Bush in her re-election campaign, the populist and pro-Trump wings of the Republican Party are not pleased with Cheney. 

No one with good intention would advise Cheney to make a run for the White House, especially as a Republican candidate. Whether or not the congresswoman can get Wyoming residents to vote for her again remains to be seen. 

However, Cheney does not stand a chance to win the GOP primary in the 2024 presidential race.