Liz Truss To Become Britain’s Third Female Prime Minister

Liz Truss, Britain’s foreign secretary under Boris Johnson, defeated rival Rishi Sunak and was appointed the United Kingdom’s 56th Prime Minister on Tuesday.

Truss is a member of Britain’s conservative party, and her appointment comes at a trying time for the United Kingdom. A recent NewsMax article states that immediately after taking office on Tuesday Truss “immediately confronted the enormous task ahead of her amid increasing pressure to curb soaring prices, ease labor unrest and fix a health care system burdened by long waiting lists and staff shortages.”

If those challenges were not enough, the one that stands out amongst them all is the energy crisis that hitting about to crash into Europe. This crisis is immediate as energy prices reach unaffordable levels right before Britain’s icy winter.

Truss also faces the challenge of having been elected by just 172,000 dues-paying members of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party. When she was chosen the leader of that party, she automatically became Prime Minister as well since Conservatives control the House of Commons.

The population of the United Kingdom is more than 67 million. Of those more than 67 million, 172,000 voted to appoint the new Prime Minister, and only about 81,000 people total actually voted for Liz Truss.

With that said, the next few weeks and months will determine how Truss and the Conservative Party fare in the future.

People like Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, called for an early general election for Prime Minister. “I’ve listened to Liz Truss during the Tory leadership (campaign) and I was looking for a plan to help people with their skyrocketing energy bills, with the NHS crisis and so on, and I heard no plan at all,” he told the BBC in a recent interview.

Others, like former adviser to Margaret Thatcher John Browne, told NewsMax that Truss is similar to his old boss and first female Prime Minister of Britain. “I’ve actually known 13 of the past 15 members of prime ministers, but I’ve never met Elizabeth Truss. From what I gather, and seeing her on television, and listening to speeches, and things like that, I think in a strange way, she’s very similar to Margaret Thatcher. She has a middle-class background. Not a great natural speaker, but I think will improve greatly with the experience and practice,” he said in a recent interview.

Truss became the third female prime minister of Britain on Tuesday, but she has a lot to overcome in her new role. Time will tell what her legacy will be and how quickly the people of Britain will call for a general election.