Loudoun County Bureaucrat Wants To ‘Ruin’ Students Lives ‘Exercising’ Medical Choice

Governor Youngkin of Virginia made an executive order in a highly publicized move, effectively ending the mask mandate for school children. The order allows parents to choose for themselves if students should wear masks or not. Loudoun County has been one of the holdouts on this issue and has resisted the Governor’s order.

A recently leaked email sent by John Clark, the Director of Safety and Security for Loudoun County Public Schools, to every Principal of Loudoun County outlined his thoughts on what to do “in preparation for tomorrow’s mask enforcement.”

The email starts promisingly to discuss de-escalating the situation and offering a hands-off approach to avoid conflict. You have to give the devil his due. I will even give Mr. Clark the benefit of the doubt on the ‘visible deterrent’ approach suggested by his tactics, because hey, who does not want a visible deterrent at their kid’s school to make sure your kid complies with the threat of force. I mean, this is America.

The email goes off the rails at the end. However, they disagree when he educates principals on getting criminal warrants sworn out against the parents and students. Thank goodness Mr. Clark ensures that these petty tyrants have the tools they need to try and ruin these people’s lives. I am sure the principals are also super thankful he reminded them that no media is allowed on campuses during the day (I would not want the public to see the scandalous law-breaking).

Did you know that most colleges ask about your criminal history as part of the admissions process? Did you know that most jobs have a keen interest in your police contacts as part of the hiring process? What about the intelligent students, you know those not wearing a mask because they do not amount to more than facial decorations, who want to go on to professional careers? Rest assured that every professional licensing board asks about everything down to the lowliest traffic tickets, so criminal trespass is sure to draw some negative attention.

Mr. Clark wants to make sure that principals in Loudoun County can ruin children’s lives because they refused to comply with a Loudoun County policy that defies a lawful Governor’s order. We need more unelected bureaucrats like him in control of our children.

Alas for Mr. Clark and the Loudoun County principles, even the Democrats in Virginia see the writing on the wall. Legislation is coming down the pike that will end the mask mandates. The petty tyrants will have to look for different ways to go after the school children. Unfortunately for them, the parents are awake now.