The Mainstream Media Is In A Frenzy Over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become enemy number one of the mainstream media. As of late, the leftist press is seething over the reality that Florida has fewer COVID cases than California, despite California employing high-handed mask and vaccine mandates. 

Before this, the media raged over DeSantis to Let’s Go Brandon, a trendy way of criticizing President Biden. The media has shown more rage to the governor of Florida than they have over the reality of Americans losing their livelihoods and being denied the right to make their own medical choices.

In the latest display of lunacy from the mainstream media, they are now raging over the fact DeSantis referred to the COVID vaccine as “the jab,” Twitchy reports. 

Lawrence Mower did not appreciate the Florida governor referring to the COVID vaccine as “the jab” when holding a press conference, a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times. Mower and others who responded to his complaints via Twitter declared DeSantis was intentionally trying to make the vaccine seem more “sinister.”

Making a mountain out of such a molehill is silly, even for the media. Mower hasn’t been nearly as outraged about the first responders being fired over these COVID vaccine mandates. These are the same workers who the nation heralded as selfless heroes during the height of this so-called pandemic.

Where is Mower’s outrage over folks being ostracized from society if they don’t consent to have themselves injected with a questionable vaccine? Where is this reporter’s annoyance with the folks who scream “my body my choice” on abortion while also denying people’s rights to choose the COVID vaccine?

Quite frankly, the annoyance over the Florida governor referring to the vaccine as a “jab” is silly. They should unclutch their pearls and focus on matters of true importance.

Despite the juvenile outrage from the Tampa Bay Times, DeSantis’ momentum is only just getting started. On Monday, the Florida governor filed the paperwork to kick off his re-election campaign officially. 

Floridians across the state are excited to vote for their governor to serve a second term come 2022. Republican voters in the Sunshine State have recently achieved the milestone of outnumbering Democrats. 

Perhaps this is what the leftist Tampa Bay Times is truly upset about. The problem with the COVID vaccine isn’t it being called a “jab.” The issue lies in the reality that Americans are being forced to take this shot and threatened with destitution if they refuse.