Majority of Hispanics Back National Deportation Program, Poll Reveals

A new CBS News/YouGov poll shows a majority of Hispanic voters support a national program aimed at deporting illegal immigrants. This development highlights evolving views on immigration enforcement within this demographic.

The poll asked voters if they would favor a U.S. government initiative to deport all undocumented immigrants currently in the country. The results revealed that 53% of Hispanic respondents are in favor of such a program. When including white and Black voters, overall support for the program reaches 62%.

Additionally, the survey explored the idea of establishing large detention centers to hold individuals while their deportation cases are reviewed. Half of the Hispanic voters (50%) supported the creation of these facilities, which is slightly higher than the support among white voters (49%) and significantly higher than among Black voters (43%).

The poll also inquired about the role of local law enforcement in identifying undocumented immigrants for deportation. It found that 57% of Hispanic respondents favor local police involvement in this process. This support was echoed by 65% of white voters and 54% of Black voters.

These results suggest a notable shift in attitudes among Hispanic voters towards stricter immigration policies, reflecting broader national concerns over the border crisis and immigration control.