Many Americans Are Struggling In Biden’s America

If you let Joe Biden tell it, things are going well in the United States. The president has gone on record claiming that saving accounts are “up,” July 2022’s inflation rate was “zero,” and the economy is “back.”

Of course, none of this is actually true. People are actually digging into their savings accounts (if they even have savings, to begin with) to pay for growing prices amid inflation. Meanwhile, July’s inflation rate stood at over 8% from where it was in July 2021.

The economy also remains saddled with growing layoffs, supply chain disasters, and a continuous recession. Now, a new poll provides some insight into just how poorly many folks are doing under the Biden administration.

What to Know About Suffering in Biden’s America
In a new Gallup poll, last month’s suffering rate reached 5.6%. This translates to about 14 million Americans. Furthermore, Gallup marks July’s suffering rate as the highest it’s been in America since the start of the Gallup Life Evaluation Index.

Later, the company pointed out the economy as a major factor causing suffering among millions. According to Gallup, inflation is dragging down the general confidence levels that consumers have in the economy.

This tracks with growing numbers of Americans citing issues with being able to afford goods that are more expensive today than they were one year ago.

The news from Gallup also comes on the heels of more people going to dollar stores for food because grocery store costs are just too high.

Not only are record numbers of Americans suffering, but the amount of people thriving is also on a decline. According to Gallup, the 51.2% of people who cite themselves as thriving on its Economic Confidence Index is the lowest rate documented over the past year and a half.

Real-life Case Studies
Everyday, there are countless reports documenting the hardships faced by Americans. In many cases, it goes beyond the economy.

In various communities, people are afraid to leave their homes, due to a high concentration of gang activity and other crimes. Biden talked previously about “funding the police.” Yet, to this day, many major, left-wing cities across the nation still remain low on law enforcement officers.

As the suffering of the American people continues, Biden’s spending weeks on end vacationing in South Carolina and Delaware. This, considering the current state of affairs in the country, has been slammed by critics as tone-deaf.