Many New York Residents Are Moving To Florida

Across the country, many Americans are deciding that life in blue states isn’t the best and isn’t even worth sticking with. Data since 2020 has shown California, Illinois and New York as some of the top locations that people are moving away from.

In California, the exits were so numerous that the state now holds one less seat in the House of Representatives.

Despite the departures from blue states, their leaders aren’t doing much to change policies that are driving people away. If anything, they’re doubling down and pushing for more of the same.

Now, new information reveals that many people who left New York have chosen to make Florida home.

From New York to Florida
The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reveals that just last month, more than 5,800 New Yorkers received Florida drivers licenses.

There are several factors repelling people from New York and bringing them to the Sunshine State. At the top of the list are living expenses and crime.

The Empire State is notorious for its high taxes and top-dollar costs, but with inflation on the rise, Americans are looking to cut their expenses, rather than increase them.

Similarly, rising crime has made people and businesses feel less safe in a state that’s known for being soft on lawbreakers.

Another nail in the coffin of New York is the state’s embrace of strict COVID-19 mandates that didn’t live up to what their proponents said they would do.

Many people have decided they’d rather live in Florida which has consistently stood against vaccine mandates and other onerous restrictions.

A Clear Message to Blue States
Data tracking New York to Florida transplants should send a very clear message that leadership in Democratic states is unpopular and driving folks away.

The governors of these deeply left-wing states have a tendency to denigrate Florida, but they have yet to acknowledge that people are broadly choosing to live in Florida.

If blue states continue down the path of being permissive towards crime, keeping prices through the rooftops, and otherwise not looking out for individuals, they’ll continue to lose out to red states.

Since 2020, the pattern of people moving to Florida also tracks with the state gaining more and more GOP voters.