Mark Kelly Staffer: He ‘Plays Both Sides’ On Abortion

Project Veritas released a new video, this time showing a staffer of Democratic Senate Candidate Mark Kelly (D-AZ) saying that Kelly lies to voters about being pro-life in order to win the votes of independents in the state.

The undercover Project Veritas journalist asked the paid Kelly staffer, “What if I came across a Republican, and they, like, ask me if Mark Kelly is pro-life?”

Evyn Bronson, the staffer being addressed, replied, “Yes. I would say ‘Mark Kelly is pro-life but also pro-keeping the government out of our healthcare.’ I don’t know, something stupid like that.”

Giving the staffer the benefit of the doubt, the journalist asks, “Even though he’s not pro-life?”

Bronson replies, “Absolutely he is not pro-life. And then I’d go to something like, ‘you know after his wife was in a shooting, he values life so much.’ It’s just a shame.”

A simple search on Kelly’s official website shows that he introduced legislation to protect access to reproductive health care funding, voted to advance the women’s health protection act, and called the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade a “giant step back for our country.”

According to Bronson, 40% of the people voting for the Senate seat in Arizona are undecided on whether to vote Republican or Democrat. Because of that Bronson said, “He’s not going to say anything outright about what he’s going to do unless it will garner support from Independents and some of the moderate Republicans.”

It is important to remember that this is not simply a volunteer or random supporter of Kelly’s senate campaign. Bronson is a paid staff member who is a mouthpiece for the candidate.

Towards the end of the conversation with the Project Veritas journalist, Bronson gives what amounts to her endorsement of her employer. She describes his opponent, Blake Masters, as a person who believes the 2020 election was a fraud and closes by saying, “So it’s just like, look at the alternatives and they’re not super beautiful.”