‘Mass Amnesty?’: Stephen Miller Has A Question For Biden Regarding His Claim That His Agenda Invests “In Our People”

In his recent tweet about his Build Back Better agenda, Biden claimed that it is not just for investing in infrastructure but also for the people’s future. Still, Stephen Miller had an important question to ask. Miller asked, “how providing amnesty to the illegal aliens and uncapped foreign workers at the Silicon Valley counts as investing for the people on the agenda.”

The Build Back Better Agenda has been promoted solely for enhancing the infrastructure. It may be one of Biden’s desperate attempts to have it passed after failing to acquire the required number of votes from his allies, the Democrats. The President, whose own immigration policies allow thousands of illegal aliens into the country through the southern border, does not do any good here. The settlers along the Southern border have repeatedly complained against the unlawful and criminal activities along the border, let alone the threat of the spread of the virus. Biden announcing to provide amnesty for the Silicon Valley workers is not received well by people, and it’s showing on Twitter.

Stephen Miller’s reply to Biden’s tweet is being quoted by many in agreement with him. While Democrats and the administration have not yet specified what is investing in people, neither media outlet talks about it. What the Americans need right now are jobs provision and closed borders. Hence, no more illegal aliens end up occupying any job opportunities the natives may have left amid this pandemic.