Massive Border Migrant Surge Follows Title 42’s Temporary Reprieve

In only the weekend following Title 42’s unexpected reprieve by a federal judge Friday, over 22,000 were apprehended by Border Patrol agents. And that’s just in southern Texas.

Monday’s expected lapse in the border protection policy had tens of thousands waiting, and some surged across anyway. Migrants camped across the border are reportedly tired of waiting for the order to be lifted — thus the spike in apprehensions.

Friday’s order by U.S. District Judge Robert Summerhays followed lawsuits by 24 Republican state attorneys general. The coalition sought to uphold Title 42, the early-pandemic policy enacted by the Trump administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The measure enabled the Border Patrol to quickly expel migrants on public health grounds without going through asylum procedures. Or, as one Arizona lawmaker described it, something that “actually works.”

Seeing 22,000 apprehended is an eye-opening figure, so let’s dig deeper. Border encounters are already skyrocketing this year, with over 750,000 reported by officials in just four months. Just between April 1 and May 15, agents report approximately 513,000 illegally crossed the southern border.

President Joe Biden’s own Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas warned the DHS expects as many as 18,000 migrants a day crossing the border. Simple math shows that’s 540,000 a month. Over a year? That comes to 6.48 million. Exactly how is this sustainable?

This is hardly a partisan Republican issue as several prominent Democrats, many notably in border and swing states, joined the effort to retain Title 42.

El Paso officials have already declared a state of emergency for what they describe as a “migrant emergency.” County judge Ricardo Samaniego met with DHS officials last week just before Friday’s ruling and warned that if Title 42 ends, “all Latin America will be coming here.”

Of course, the Biden White House criticized the Louisiana judge’s ruling. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lamented national public health policy is to be carried out by the CDC and “not a single district court.”

A policy legally enacted that is working should not be rescinded until there is an equally effective solution ready at that moment to take its place. This crisis is preventable, self-inflicted, and only spotlights the failure of the Biden administration to secure the southern border.