Mayor Adams ‘Follows’ Democrat Tradition By ‘Violating’ His Own Rules

Let me begin by saying I do not care what people choose to eat. At least for the moment, the food choice is a freedom that adults in America still enjoy. But then, I am not in charge of public policy like NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

Mayor Adams has a long history of being for a plant-based diet. He authored an entire book on “Healthy At Last,” where he credits the change in his eating habits to transforming his life. It should be applauded. Mayor Adams, however, falls prey to a trap that most successful people fall into. The idea is that topical intelligence in one area translates to all other sites. Put another way, “What worked for me will work for thee.”

Case in point, the Mayor has mandated that New York public schools go Vegan on Fridays. Has he researched a vegan diet on growing children? What about the dangers of a leaky gut? Did you know it can inhibit zinc absorption, a crucial component of the immune system? Maybe he has answers to all these questions. Perhaps he does not. Typically I would give him a pass because he is passionate about the vegan diet.

But like most liberals, he also suffers from “rules for thee, but not for me” (Not that it has anything to do with what we are talking about, but here is the latest horrendous example of that):

So, I am a little more sensitive to the rules for thee, but not for me lately that a man’s restaurant ordering choices annoy me. Mayor Adams got the fish, and according to crackerjack reporting, he is a pescatarian and not a vegan. The horror!

I am a free choice person, so the Mayor can eat whatever he wants again. What bothers me is the hypocrisy of telling others what to do like a religious edict and then ignoring it yourself (COVID mandates anyone?). There is an authoritarian streak in today’s liberals that they know best for you, your children, and most importantly, about your soda consumption.

The great thing about advocating for personal choice is you never have to worry about people playing games with you. The left should try it sometime. It is one of the most freeing things you can do for yourself.