Mayor of Chicago Being Dishonest About Illegal Migrants

Border states have made it clear they’re done playing games with the Biden administration. After the White House’s ongoing failure to secure the southern border, Arizona and Texas are proactively taking measures of their own.

In many cases, this has involved building barriers at the southern border, arresting individuals who attempt illegal entry, and dispatching migrants to sanctuary cities for Democratic mayors to handle them.

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) openly talked about her willingness to take in illegal immigrants from states like Texas and Arizona. However, her actions after these migrants arrive in Chicago suggest otherwise.

The Truth About Lightfoot and Illegal Immigration
It’s very easy for the Chicago mayor to claim her community is a sanctuary city, until migrants actually arrive on her doorstep. Ironically, Lightfoot complained about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) sending migrants to her city, going as far as saying he has no honor or shame.

This contradicts her previous statements about being thrilled to take in migrants coming from Texas. Another contradiction comes amid Lightfoot transporting illegal immigrants out of Chicago and to the Republican-run suburb of Burr Ridge.

If the Chicago mayor was truly serious about leading a sanctuary city, she’d ensure her community has everything necessary to accommodate arriving migrants. Lightfoot’s failure to do this shows that Abbott simply called her bluff.

Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso (R) informed that he received zero advance notice from Lightfoot before she sent these migrants to a hotel in his city.

While Grasso stated he’s more than happy to accommodate incoming migrants, he also mentioned Lightfoot’s decision to transport them out of Chicago (after claiming she’s happy to take these folks in) reeks of hypocrisy.

Only the Beginning
When it comes to ensuring that Texas isn’t overwhelmed, Abbott isn’t messing around. The Republican governor stated sanctuary cities will keep getting new buses of migrants until the federal government finally secures the southern border.

Thus far, reports indicate that Philadelphia may soon be in the same boat as other self-proclaimed sanctuary cities, like Chicago, Washington DC, and New York City.

Thus far, Lightfoot has not given a clear explanation for sending migrants to a GOP-run suburb after claiming they’re more than welcome in Chicago.