Mayoral Candidate ‘Survives Shooting’ On Monday Only To See Alleged ‘Shooter Released’ On Wednesday

Quintez Brown is an up-and-coming BLM activist and gun control proponent. He has received numerous community awards (including one from Barack Obama’s Foundation). The young man was even interviewed by Joy Reid on national television.

As you can see from the tweet, he is now the main suspect in an assassination attempt on Democratic Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. Mr. Brown allegedly walked into the campaign headquarters of Mr. Greenberg on Monday and discharged a 9mm pistol four times. Miraculously no one was hurt, even though at least one bullet grazed the candidate’s sweater.

Mr. Brown was taken into custody, and bail was set at $100,000. Two days later, he was released when his bail was posted by Louisville Community Bail, an organization associated with Black Lives Matter.

Mr. Greenberg was understandably upset, commenting that the release of Mr. Brown within 48 hours retraumatized him and his family. Cases like this highlight the ongoing discussion about bail reform and defunding the police. It is perplexing why bail was set so low for what appears to be a premeditated attempted murder (allegedly).

It will be interesting to see how the candidate treats criminal justice as he moves forward with his campaign. As a democrat, although not explicitly endorsing the defunding the police movement, Mr. Craig did seem to put forward more community-based policing ideas. Will he stick to that plan or lean toward more traditional options given this experience? Time will tell.

Mr. Craig may have been proactive in his platform for increased attention to mental health issues and policing. Not much is known now if the gun allegedly used by Mr. Brown was lawfully possessed or if he was suffering from some mental breakdown. Either way, the situation illustrates the complexity of these issues and how catchy slogans like defunding the police do little to provide solutions. However, what is certain is that Mr. Brown should not be on the streets so soon after allegedly committing a shooting until the authorities ascertain if he remains a threat or not.