Mayorkas Faces Tough Questions About Pro-Hamas Officer

Embattled Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently faced tough questioning from Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO). regarding a DHS immigration officer’s alleged support for Hamas.

The officer, Nejwa Ali, had previously voiced support for the organization and had worked with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) — a group internationally recognized as a terrorist organization.

Hawley pressed the DHS leader on why Ali had not been dismissed after her controversial comments and posts came to light. Mayorkas confirmed Ali’s continued employment but criticized Hawley’s line of questioning, calling it “despicable.”

Mayorkas became visibly upset when Hawley detailed Ali’s online posts. These posts included highly charged statements against Israel and its supporters, made on a day when Israelis were murdered by Hamas terrorists.

Hawley quoted Ali, saying, “What about people who say things like, on October 7, ‘F— Israel, the government and its military, are you ready for your downfall.’ People who say things like, ‘F— Israel and any Jew who supports Israel. May your conscience haunt your dreams until your last breath, Palestine will be free one day, f— apartheid Israel and any Israeli.’ This is pretty extreme rhetoric, don’t you think?”

In response to further probing about whether Ali had been removed from her position, Mayorkas indicated she was on administrative leave but did not confirm her termination. He cited the ongoing nature of personnel matters as the reason for withholding further details and mentioned that Ali was hired in 2019 under the previous administration — apparently ignoring the fact that she had not made such comments in 2019.

The exchange escalated when Hawley criticized Mayorkas’ lack of clear answers, declaring his evasiveness to be unacceptable.

In a brief opportunity to speak granted by the chairman, Mayorkas sought to leverage his personal history as the child of a Holocaust survivor, as if that somehow excuses the employment of somebody voicing such extreme and heartless opinions by the United States government.