Mayorkas’ ‘Parole Pathway’ Harms American Workers

Joe Biden’s top border official, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, has come under fire after a recent report revealed he smuggled more than 100,000 migrants into the United States via a hidden “parole” pathway between May and December 2022. The GOP officials in 20 states have filed a lawsuit against the influx, claiming it adds to the costs faced by states and taxpayers and the damage done to ordinary Americans by importing more workers, renters, and consumers.

Mayorkas, known for his pro-migration stance, is allegedly welcoming another 20,000 migrants per month via the same covert pathway. This influx, officially dubbed “CBP One”, delivers an additional 240,000 migrants per year and, combined with the 360,000 migrants imported from Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, would add a minimum of 600,000 economic migrants to the U.S. economy each year.

This figure far exceeds the cap set by Congress of 1 million legal migrants per year and the 800,000 temporary workers imported annually by administration officials. The colossal labor influx will result in a minimum of one extra migrant for every seven Americans entering the workforce each year.

A study by Jonathan Rothwell, a top economist at the Gallup polling firm, has revealed that American men are less likely to be part of the nation’s active workforce than at any other time in U.S. history, with the labor force participation rate for prime-aged men falling from 97.1% in 1960 to 88.6% in 2022.

The report attributed the decline to the 2022 flood of 4 million migrants, including 2 million illegal migrants allowed through the border by Mayorkas, which reduced high-tech investment in workplaces, pushed many older and sicker Americans out of jobs while supporting investors’ profits and stock values.

The New York Times reported on the parole pathway, but portrayed the massive influx as a decline in illegal crossings and quoted pro-migration advocates who claim the pathway is too small. Immigration advocates have criticized the system for leaving the neediest migrants at a disadvantage. They have expressed their disappointment with the “awful” process.

Despite criticism from GOP officials, the press has not questioned Mayorkas about the impact of his easy-migration policies on ordinary Americans. Instead, the hands-off approach by the media resembles that of the GOP establishment, which focuses on border crime and drug smuggling rather than the rising rents and shrinking wages faced by ordinary Americans.