McConnell Repeats Vow to Never End Filibuster for ‘Any’ Issue, Even Abortion

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has once again repeated his pledge to never support ending the filibuster, this time during a floor speech in the Senate on Monday in opposition to the Democrats’ attempts to advance debate on legislation to legalize abortion federally.

McConnell’s comments come after Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) claimed during a Washington Post interview that the Republicans could eliminate the filibuster in an effort to pass a nationwide ban on abortions, if the GOP is able to take back the House, Senate and presidency in a future election.

“When the opportunity presents itself, there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll change the rules to pass a bill criminalizing abortion federally,” Murphy told the Washington Post.

Hours after that interview was published, McConnell said on the floor of the Senate that he would not end the filibuster, while also noting that it is actually the Democrats who are trying to do away with the process in order to pass their pro-abortion bill.

“Some Democrats even want to try again to break the Senate in order to ram this through,” McConnell said, referring to the proposed legislation to ensure federal protection for abortion. “I’ve clearly stated I will never — never — support smashing the legislative filibuster on this issue or any other.”

This isn’t the first time that McConnell indicated he would not be in favor of ending the filibuster. The Senate minority leader previously stated in an interview with USA Today that he would not support ending the procedure even if it was to pass a federal abortion ban, which is an important issue for Republicans.

“No carve out of the filibuster—period,” McConnell said. “For any subject.”