McDonald’s Plans $5 Deal To Attract Inflation-Weary Customers

Fast food giant McDonald’s is reportedly preparing to launch a new $5 discount meal in an effort to win back customers struggling with soaring prices from the disaster that is Bidenomics. The move comes as rampant inflation has driven up costs across the industry leaving many lower-income consumers unable to afford once-cheap fast food fare.

According to an anonymous source familiar with the plan the proposed $5 deal could include a McChicken or McDouble sandwich along with fries and a drink. The initiative reflects McDonald’s recognition of the need to focus on affordability amid weaker-than-expected financial results.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski acknowledged the lack of a nationwide value platform in the U.S. market. But the company’s franchisees who operate the vast majority of its restaurants may resist the promotion fearing a hit to their profitability particularly in states like California where the minimum wage for fast food workers recently rose to $20 per hour.

To address these concerns McDonald’s has reportedly secured funding from Coca-Cola to help offset potential losses for franchise owners. The company previously attempted to gain operator support for the $5 meal deal earlier this year but failed to secure their endorsement.

The proposed value meal has generated mixed reactions on social media with some users expressing skepticism about its appeal. McDonald’s has seen its prices double since 2014 outpacing many of its competitors according to FinanceBuzz. Combined with persistent inflation under the Biden administration this trend has squeezed out many budget-conscious fast food customers.

As McDonald’s looks to navigate the challenging economic landscape and win back price-sensitive consumers the success of its $5 meal initiative will likely hinge on its ability to strike a balance between affordability and franchisee profitability. With the fast food giant’s iconic status and massive scale even a modest boost in value-seeking customers could provide a much-needed lift to its bottom line.