Medical Establishment Shows ‘Its True Colors’ To Healthcare Workers

Throughout 2020, the medical establishment and pretty much the rest of America lauded healthcare workers as heroes and saints that we should all aspire to be. Healthcare workers were repeatedly thanked and acknowledged for their service during the height of the pandemic.

During the worst periods of COVID, healthcare workers provided service to sick people, thus putting their wellness at risk. These frontline employees also found themselves taking other precautions in various areas of life not to expose their families or loved ones to the virus.

However, a shift happened in 2021 and carried into this year. The medical establishment’s higher-ups have begun firing healthcare workers for refusing to take the COVID vaccine.

Suddenly, yesterday’s heroes became today’s pariahs. According to TheBlaze, Mayo Clinic is the latest company to give a series of unvaccinated healthcare workers the boot.

This past Tuesday, Mayo Clinic confirmed that they fired 700 workers (or 1% of their overall employees) who refused to take the coronavirus vaccine.

According to the higher-ups within the clinic, the company’s COVID vaccine mandate is necessary to provide an environment as safe as possible.

Moreover, the company claimed that “the science” says vaccinating against COVID is the best possible step to reduce COVID hospitalizations and deaths.

There are several fascinating details about this, aside from the medical establishment exalting healthcare workers to firing them.

Nevertheless, amid an uptick in COVID hospitalizations, reports have emerged that vaccinated healthcare employees who test positive for the virus are still allowed to come into work.

There’s no word from Mayo Clinic on how this is in keeping with the safe environment they allege they’re maintaining by firing unvaccinated healthcare workers.

As more people go to hospitals (despite most Americans having the vaccines the medical establishment claimed would end the pandemic), these facilities claim they’re overwhelmed.

However, amid their claims of being overwhelmed and short-staffed, medical facilities aren’t talking about the healthcare workers they fired for not being vaccinated.

They’re also not admitting that it’s nonsensical to fire unvaccinated healthcare workers to promote a safe environment, yet, in the same breath, also allow vaccinated, COVID-positive employees, to come into work and spread the virus.

Suppose establishments like Mayor Clinic are going to keep giving the boot to hundreds, if not more, of their qualified healthcare staffers. In that case, they need to stop complaining about being overwhelmed and not having enough hands on deck.

At this point, it’s a self-inflicted problem that the medical establishment is creating for itself.