Meet Fox News’ Radical Op-Ed Writer; David Hogg

Instead of acknowledging that left-wing media engagement is exponentially dropping off, Fox News brought a new spin to their op-ed section.

If you haven’t heard of David Hogg, he’s a gun-control activist that was inside the Parkland, Florida high school when a mass shooting incident took place. Since the incident, Hogg has become one of the many faces of gun control activism. At one point, Hogg wore a “nazi style” armband to display his activism.

In the op-ed written by Hogg, he tells an emotional story to place you directly in a mass shooting where a loved one has lost their life. Yes, it’s difficult to read. Yes, it’s hard to imagine a situation like Hogg has been through and many other families have. But, is it sincere?

Hogg has made a name for himself going against conservative voices such as former President Donald Trump and Mike Lindell. Hogg even formed his own pillow company to compete with “My Pillow,” Lindell’s company, and Hogg has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Talk about profiting off of tragedy.

In the article, Hogg says, “I don’t know what the exact answer is, but I know that you should be at the table. Your voice matters. Your rights matter. Your decency matters. We have disagreed in the past, but we are not enemies. Our enemy is not a party or organization, it is gun violence.”

In a November 2020 interview with Variety, Hogg said, “It just scares me. The fact of the matter is, guns don’t actually make you safer in your home. I think we’ve really got to change this perception that guns make you safer in the United States because the fact of the matter is, for the most part, for the everyday citizen that has practically no training whatsoever, it doesn’t make you safer.”

According to a previous interview, it doesn’t sound like Hogg has any interest in hearing anyone’s voice or respecting anyone’s rights. It seems more likely that Hogg views gun owners as the enemy.

Fox News used to be a media platform that allowed the viewer or reader to escape the false reality of the left and gave conservatives a voice and a perspective that wasn’t filled with socialist ideology, like red flag laws, banning AR-15s, and magazine capacity limits that fill Hogg’s op-ed. They’re quickly turning into the kind of mainstream media outlet that would have you think owning guns is unreasonable.

Concluding Hogg’s article, he said. “I want to state unequivocally that I am not anti-gun.”

That’s not true at all, but it seems that Fox News, who once inched its way toward the middle left, has taken a giant leap toward an anti-gun narrative.

One report from Fox News just three weeks ago is titled, “NRA members sound off on organization’s future, calls for gun control amid Uvalde shooting,” but is that what members actually want?

The article quotes one NRA member saying, “We cannot let those calling for restrictions on guns get in the way of fixing this crisis,” and “Taking gun rights away from Americans who could potentially dissolve a situation like that from happening is not the answer.”

Further along in the article, Fox News reporter Kyle Morris writes, “Pushing back on calls for gun control and other legislative measures, Carol said, ‘Democrats are determined to do away with anything Republicans want to do that’s right.’”

The report also quotes a U.S. Army veteran saying that “taking away certain rights from law-abiding people is not how it’s done.”

The article doesn’t show members sounding off on the organization’s future whatsoever and the only substantive measure members have called for is mental health assistance for those who may need it.

If this is the direction that Fox News is headed, then they should expect to have the same plummeting popularity that left-wing media personalities and networks have suffered; conservatives will find a news source that’s accurate and represents them.