Megyn Kelly Blasts Kim Kardashian After She Is Booed At NFL Game

Commentator and podcast host Megyn Kelly criticized the “endless vanity” of Kim Kardashian after she was booed by the crowd at an NFL game on Sunday.

Kardashian made headlines this week when footage circulated online of her being booed by the crowd when she was shown on the jumbotron during Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys.

Kelly, the former Fox News journalist and current podcast host on SiriusXM, took the occasion to criticize Kim Kardashian for being a bad influence on society.

“So [Kardashian] decides to go, all decked out as she always does, to an NFL football game…and the giant jumbo cam found her — what a shock — and they booed her…so I believe the reason they booed Kim Kardashian is because the country is getting sick of narcissistic, vain, self-promotional ‘rules do not apply to me,’ type of people like her, like Meghan Markle,” Kelly began.

“I hate what she’s come to stand for, what she represents, what kind of an influence she has over our society, and in particular, our little girls, of which I have one,” she continued. “And I’ve had it with her narcissism and her endless vanity.”

Later, Kelly expressed that she disapproves of the elitist approach that rich individuals like Kardashian take toward following the same rules as the rest of the population.

“Last week, it also came out that she’s a ‘rules don’t apply to me’ kind of person because she got pursued for unpaid taxes,” Kelly stated, referring to reports of a $1.26 million settlement paid by Kardashian to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over a promotion she did for cryptocurrency.

“Like so many of these rich people, she decided that rules would not apply to her…and she was forced by the feds to pay over seven figures to make the bill correct,” Kelly continued. “The rest of us don’t get away with that, right? Neither should she.”

After leaving Fox News, Kelly worked for NBC. Though the network quickly parted ways with Kelly, she reportedly received the full $69 million guaranteed in her contract.