Merrick Garland Gets Hit For Covering Up Corruption, Cronyism, Graft And Abuse

This is hard to write: thank God for Mitch McConnell. There it is done. 

Republican Senator Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell (KY) prevented Merrick Garland from becoming a Supreme Court Justice. At the time, we did not know precisely how bad Garland would have been on the bench in a lifetime appointment. Now we can see his rank partisan aggression and deception on display as the anti-President Joe Biden’s Attorney General. 

After watching Garland testify, it is apparent that he is a disaster as AG, and the damage he will do is significant. But it could have been worse. We dodged an uppercut but got hit with a left hook. 

Watching the Attorney General fake, dodge, jab, and weave his way around the House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday is the legal equivalent of Sugar Ray Leonard dancing. 

The oversight of the Justice Department is necessary to prevent Garland and his team of red-diaper-doper-baby lawyers from secretly enacting leftist policies through high-profile cases and public crises. 

As Democrats in the House of Representatives cover the Biden-Harris maladministration, the American people are forced to wade through a cesspool of nonsense. But some keen Republicans drill down on the real issues. 

The FBI, which reports to Garland, said they would explore how to prosecute parents who speak up in public school meetings. 

Republican Representative Jim Jordan (OH) traded blows with Garland. Jordan persistently cut off Garland’s attempts at deception, noting in the first sentence of his written testimony he said there had been an alarming spike in disturbances and threats toward school board members. He left out that this is especially true of those who cover up rape in high schools. 

Jordan wanted to know when Garland noticed this trend and zeroed in on his jaw like the Gypsy King. Jim asked him, “did you just take the word of the National School Board Association?”

Garland squirmed and equivocated, defending the National School Board Association as the protector of the educational system and school boards. He indicated that news stories confirm their assessment. According to Merrick, if the NSBA says that there are dangers, then it must be true. 

The NSBA objected to the notion that parents can figure out what their kids should learn and that they ought to have a voice in what their kids are taught. We are not talking about math here. We are talking about instilling values in favor of racialism, transgender identity, communism, and physical perversion. Teachers want to be able to propagandize and brainwash their kids without your supervision. 

Garland would not answer questions about his son-in-law’s Critical Race Theory curriculum producing company. Panorama Education helps schools induce students to believe leftist ideology like CRT without getting caught. Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, objected to Panorama’s curricula. They have received $27 million in contracts from around 1,500 school districts. Isn’t it odd that these leftists seem to consistently make money in some businesses based on taking government and public contracts and grants? It smells like graft and corruption.